Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

My spouse is away on business. He will not be able to be present to sign a sales mandate. How can we proceed?

The sale mandate

If one of the sellers cannot be present for the signing of the mandate, he or she may give power of attorney to another person to sign in his or her place. The power of attorney must be in writing and indicate the identity, marital status and address of both the person granting it and the person receiving it. It is necessary to define the powers entrusted to him, for example, to give a mandate to a real estate agent to sell a certain property, precisely identified, at a certain price.

It is also useful to specify the amount of the agency's commission and the party who will be responsible for it. The power of attorney must be dated and signed. It is customary for the person giving the power of attorney to indicate "good to go" before signing.

Attention: it is necessary to attach a copy of the identity document of the person who is represented by the power of attorney. Thereal estate agent may also request that the signature on the power of attorney be legalized.

To do this, you must go to the town hall of your place of residence with your ID and proof of address. The signature is affixed on the proxy in front of the mayor or the person who replaces him. This person will legalize the signature.