Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

I am married, can I buy a property alone?

Real estate sale and family rights

Yes, you can. However, depending on your matrimonial regime and the way the purchase is financed, the property may be personal to one spouse or common.

If you are married in a legal community (communauté réduite aux acquêts), the property will be common if you finance your purchase with common money or a loan. The property will belong to you if you finance it totally or mainly with your own money.

Attention: in the legal community regime, the earnings and salaries of the spouses are common property. The same applies to the income from property belonging to only one spouse.

If you are married under a conventional community regime (universal community), the property will in principle be common. It is however necessary to refer to the marriage contract.

In practice: it is possible that the notary asks both spouses to sign the deed of purchase when the property enters the community. However, this is not mandatory.

If you are married under a regime of separation of property, the property you buy alone will be yours, unless you have, by marriage contract, provided for a partnership of acquests and that this property is part of it.